Texhoma | NAPE 2020

The 2020 NAPE Summit is in the books. At 12,000+ energy professionals, it was a big one, a bit surprising given recent events. The place was buzzing with happy folks trying to see all there was in a hall full of great booths! The Texhoma Land team had ambitious plans to find folks with whom we’d only previously shared emails and phone calls, but was largely frustrated due to opportunities created by chance encounters followed by substantive discussions. But that’s what the floor at NAPE is all about.

Events before and after exhibit time were extraordinary. The energy was excellent, people engaging both personally and professionally at the hosted venues, working toward winning through collaboration. I’m sure that’s how it’ll get written up on the expense reports.

Music and food and adult beverages dominated the atmosphere. Texhoma Land’s Director of Operations Alexis Logan and Bob Rahm, Business Development, attended the early Thursday morning session by Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, great content and speaker. Look it up next year!

We had a nice dinner with some future clients at Perry’s Steakhouse, wonderful meal, highly recommended. The after party Thursday evening at the Four Seasons was #lit. I don’t know if business was getting done, but the personal relationships so key to our industry were well lubricated.

We’ll be at Summer NAPE. If you’re attending, please let us know so we can get together. Visit our website, TexhomaLand.com to see what’s on our schedule, and schedule a demo of our GIS/data interface, LandPortal. We do it differently, you win with our solutions, buy knowledge, not software.