Texhoma | March 2020

“Beware the Ides of March” is no longer a superstition reserved for the ancient Romans. The beginning of March ushered in a new hope of spring for most of the country but with the invasion of COVID-19, those ambitions were put on pause for most of the world. While Texhoma has shuttered most of its physical office spaces in accordance with local and national government, we haven’t skipped a beat in meeting our client  needs. Land Portal and other proprietary software were put into overdrive  over the past few weeks, never slowing down thanks to the tireless efforts of our IT team and adaptability our contractors and employees.

Our hardworking teams rose to the challenge and continued operations, working on innovative solutions to keep our country safe and our clients’ goals met. We researched local city ordinances and temporary executive orders to keep moving with polices that align with the safety of our nation and the commitments of our industry. After all, force majeure does not apply to the majority  of contractual obligations!

Has your brokerage been able to provide the same results in this ever-changing environment?

Remember social distancing does not apply to our website, LinkedIn or Facebook, drop by anytime! While most events have been postponed, we are looking towards the future. We shall meet again at the postponed FWAPL annual continuing education event or AAPL annual meeting in June. We look forward to seeing you soon!