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What you produce gets you a spot at the table, how you produce it determines whether you go home a winner. Quality and value drive the “how” part of the equation. We can help you win.

After World War 2, from the rubble that was Japan, an economic phoenix arose on the wings of statistical process control (SPC). Today we use the word “Quality” to describe the character of that focus, but that’s lazy. The concepts of LEAN manufacturing, 6Sigma, and all the other business book buzzword bingo lingo takes our eyes off the nugget of gold within, value.

Taiichi Ohno realized statistical process control as the Toyoda Production System (TPS). His forebear in principle, Kiichiro Toyoda, summed it up: “the ideal conditions for making things are created when machines, facilities, and people work together to add value without generating any waste.” One of the foundations of TPS is trusting your supplier to ensure everything they supply is useable (does not require testing to avoid product failure), efficiently packaged (does not require manipulation to be used), and on time (so the people and facilities aren’t waiting on it).
As an operator you understand how to extract value from underground. How. Whether you have a sustainable and profitable business is about how you go about doing it better than the other guys. Landman services do not have a binary character either, quality delivered is value provided.

At Texhoma Land our expertise informs our efforts in delivering exactly what you need, you won’t be caught years later in a defect we missed. Our process optimization applies the most cost-effective resources to each task, packaged to address your needs and precisely complement your business processes. Our wealth of available resources enables timely execution; we don’t miss deadlines, we’ve never missed a date.

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Essential Oils – Bob’s Blog

Plummeting oil and gas prices have put the United States’ movement toward energy independence in jeopardy, as it has driven a decline in development. Is energy independence essential given today’s economic climate?

In February, with Covid-19, we all became intimately aware of the vulnerabilities associated with an insecure supply chain as it relates to medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. “We” had outsourced manufacturing of items essential to our well-being. I say “we” because you, like me, did not consciously make the decision to outsource. But when we choose to buy what we do based on price alone, that primary requirement drives choices which reverberate through every decision in the supply chain.

In these days of ordering online and taking delivery at the front door we lose sight of the fact that “Is it available to buy?” is the first issue. More importantly, when the product or commodity is essential, to be secure in its availability is the key issue.

Energy is such an essential commodity. With the growth of unconventional production in the last few years the United States has neared energy independence. We had certainly become less dependent on supply from places which don’t always hold our interests as a high priority.

Plummeting oil and gas prices have put that movement toward independence in jeopardy, as it has driven a decline in development. We need to consider whether an independence from adversarial sources is something to protect.


Texhoma | Summer 2020

This summer TLC is supporting some really great FWAPL events! Save the Date and Participate! For registration and more info go to If your email/contact info has changed, please email 

Texhoma | March 2020

“Beware the Ides of March” is no longer a superstition reserved for the ancient Romans. The beginning of March ushered in a new hope of spring for most of the country but with the invasion of COVID-19, those ambitions were put on pause for most of the world. While Texhoma has shuttered most of its physical office spaces in accordance with local and national government, we haven’t skipped a beat in meeting our client  needs. Land Portal and other proprietary software were put into overdrive  over the past few weeks, never slowing down thanks to the tireless efforts of our IT team and adaptability our contractors and employees.

Our hardworking teams rose to the challenge and continued operations, working on innovative solutions to keep our country safe and our clients’ goals met. We researched local city ordinances and temporary executive orders to keep moving with polices that align with the safety of our nation and the commitments of our industry. After all, force majeure does not apply to the majority  of contractual obligations!

Has your brokerage been able to provide the same results in this ever-changing environment?

Remember social distancing does not apply to our website, LinkedIn or Facebook, drop by anytime! While most events have been postponed, we are looking towards the future. We shall meet again at the postponed FWAPL annual continuing education event or AAPL annual meeting in June. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Texhoma | NAPE 2020

The 2020 NAPE Summit is in the books. At 12,000+ energy professionals, it was a big one, a bit surprising given recent events. The place was buzzing with happy folks trying to see all there was in a hall full of great booths! The Texhoma Land team had ambitious plans to find folks with whom we’d only previously shared emails and phone calls, but was largely frustrated due to opportunities created by chance encounters followed by substantive discussions. But that’s what the floor at NAPE is all about.

Events before and after exhibit time were extraordinary. The energy was excellent, people engaging both personally and professionally at the hosted venues, working toward winning through collaboration. I’m sure that’s how it’ll get written up on the expense reports.

Music and food and adult beverages dominated the atmosphere. Texhoma Land’s Director of Operations Alexis Logan and Bob Rahm, Business Development, attended the early Thursday morning session by Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, great content and speaker. Look it up next year!

We had a nice dinner with some future clients at Perry’s Steakhouse, wonderful meal, highly recommended. The after party Thursday evening at the Four Seasons was #lit. I don’t know if business was getting done, but the personal relationships so key to our industry were well lubricated.

We’ll be at Summer NAPE. If you’re attending, please let us know so we can get together. Visit our website, to see what’s on our schedule, and schedule a demo of our GIS/data interface, LandPortal. We do it differently, you win with our solutions, buy knowledge, not software.

Texhoma | January 2020

Texhoma kicked off the new year by attending the January Fort Worth Association of Professional Landman (FWAPL) meeting at the Fort Worth Club. Jay W. Beavers III, the President of American Association of Professional Landman (AAPL), spoke on the topic “From Noah to Trump.” We learned about the history of the oil and gas industry, and that “land is the basis of all wealth.”

The AAPLs premier event, NAPE Summit 2020 is quickly approaching!  Our team is excited to send 8 representatives, and they are looking forward to building connections with other attendees while in Houston February 3-7.

NAPE is the AAPL’s business conference with over 12,000 attendees and 700 exhibitors coming together to meet, network, connect, and do business in Houston.

For more information visit

December 2019 at Texhoma

December was a busy month here at Texhoma. We kicked off the holidays with our Fort Worth Christmas party at Joe T Garcia’s in the Stockyards. Our Norman office celebrated the following day with a photo booth, fire pit and cornhole!

We held a food drive competition that our Curative Department dominated! We were able to donate a total of 1,248 canned goods to our local Community Food bank. Visit to learn how you can help the community too!

In addition to our food drive, we partnered with LifePoint Fellowship Church for their Angel Tree Program and Homeless Ministry. We were able to provide for 30 angels this year and contribute to the 150 winter coats donated for the local night shelter.

We are thankful to be able to have an active role in supporting our community. Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays!

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