Bob’s Blog – Quality post

What you produce gets you a spot at the table, how you produce it determines whether you go home a winner. Quality and value drive the “how” part of the equation. We can help you win.

After World War 2, from the rubble that was Japan, an economic phoenix arose on the wings of statistical process control (SPC). Today we use the word “Quality” to describe the character of that focus, but that’s lazy. The concepts of LEAN manufacturing, 6Sigma, and all the other business book buzzword bingo lingo takes our eyes off the nugget of gold within, value.

Taiichi Ohno realized statistical process control as the Toyoda Production System (TPS). His forebear in principle, Kiichiro Toyoda, summed it up: “the ideal conditions for making things are created when machines, facilities, and people work together to add value without generating any waste.” One of the foundations of TPS is trusting your supplier to ensure everything they supply is useable (does not require testing to avoid product failure), efficiently packaged (does not require manipulation to be used), and on time (so the people and facilities aren’t waiting on it).
As an operator you understand how to extract value from underground. How. Whether you have a sustainable and profitable business is about how you go about doing it better than the other guys. Landman services do not have a binary character either, quality delivered is value provided.

At Texhoma Land our expertise informs our efforts in delivering exactly what you need, you won’t be caught years later in a defect we missed. Our process optimization applies the most cost-effective resources to each task, packaged to address your needs and precisely complement your business processes. Our wealth of available resources enables timely execution; we don’t miss deadlines, we’ve never missed a date.

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