Bob’s Blog – Summer NAPE 2020

Summer NAPE Edition: Walkin’ on a sidewalk, hotter than a matchhead

Like the rest of you, I was looking forward to Houston weather in August. I was not privy to the excess that must have defined NAPE in years gone by, but the after parties I shouldered through in February were awe inspiring. Circumstances have denied us the pleasure. Summer NAPE is nigh and virtual and TexhomaLand will be “there”. I hope we’ll have the opportunity to chat.

This business is about development of assets and relationships that return value over time. NAPE is about fostering the development of those relationships. The value you derive from relationships depends on two things, the capacity of your partner to provide value, and your willingness to avail yourself of it.

For many O&G companies, the relationship with the land services company begins with asking the landman to check “secure rights” off the to-do list and ends with sticking the title opinion in a drawer. There is more value available in the relationship with your land services partner.

Jason Parker is joining me in our virtual NAPE booth. Jason is our GIS manager. That title is woefully inadequate. He’s a master in converting the data we gather as land managers into a graphical depiction that facilitates understanding and accelerates business decisions. Our GIS services are, I think, singular, in the sense that we don’t sell them. They come in the box with our landman services. That’s real value provided. That’s not the best part though. We build custom layers that can be added to the usual polygons. Those layers can be designed to reflect the criteria you use to make decisions. While you’re still in the meeting, create a query and receive a near real time response. Through this response time we bring not only more value than other landman companies, we leverage the effectiveness of your key personnel. That’s a valuable relationship.

#SummerNAPE Registration is still open! Come see us at Booth 2615 via the virtual NAPE Network #WhereDealsHappen

Contact Bob at and Jason at to learn more about how TexhomaLand can help your company.


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